About Us

Hello! I am Doug, the founder, owner, designer, production guy, returns department, customer service and toilet cleaner here at Brain Juice Tees. I started the company in July 2012 when I left Active Duty service from the Army. I have always wanted to start a t-shirt company but the demands of Army life left me lacking motivation and it wasn't until I got out that I decided to pursue making the greatest piece of clothing on Earth...T-Shirts!

I thoroughly enjoy what I do and could not imagine doing anything else. I take pride in what I do and like to think I add a personal aspect to this business and treat everyone more as a friend than a potential dollar to be made. I find it easier to to be the jack of all trades in my company as I don't have to go through multiple employees to asses and correct any problems or situations. It also makes it easier for you when ordering as you will always be speaking with me about every detail of your order. And I have a hell of a memory. And everything is electronic these days so it would be hard to forget. 

If you have any questions, suggestions or comments feel free to get a hold of me at doug@brainjuicetees.com and I will respond quite fast unless it is past my bedtime.